Alan Hargrave Memorial Award for the Best Clubman


Without doubt, this is the most prestigious award at the Ashwood Cricket Club. So prestigious that it is not automatically awarded annually, but only when a worthy recipient has qualified.


The Alan Hargrave Memorial Award is named in memory of Alan Hargrave, (son of Life Member Ken Hargrave) who was known as a fantastic Club man. Alan was not known as the best cricketer at the Club, however, his contribution to the Club was awesome in bringing the club closer together as a true Clubman. 


To qualify for the Alan Hargrave Memorial Award for the Best Clubman, a member must have gone over and above the call of duty. Traditionally, it is a non-committee member, however, in exceptional circumstances, a committee member has been nominated when they have by far exceeded their committee role.


Unfortunately, Alan’s life was tragically cut short when he was lost at sea in 1972, but his memory is honoured by the Best Clubman Award being named after him.


Past Winners:


1971-72  D Clarke

1972-73  G Gribbin

1973-74  I Wilkinson

1974-75  J Priestley

1975-76  T Tormey

1976-77  J Priestley

1977-78  K Willcox

1978-79  S Dunn

1979-80  G Priestley

1980-81  R Reiffel

1981-82  P Allen

1982-83  P Kelly

1983-84  No Award

1984-85  J Moorhouse

1985-86  G Priestley

1986-87  M Rogan

1987-88  D Tennison

1988-89  A Woodward

1989-90  M Ronchi

1990-91  G O'Dowd

1991-92  P Stocks

1992-93  D McGowan

1993-94  S Woodward

1994-95  J McGowan

1995-96  S Woodward

1996-97  C Parsons

1997-98  M Walker

1998-99  Max Tennison

1999-00  I Wilkinson

2000-01  M Hoareau

2001-02  Mick Tennison

2002-03  I Wilkinson

2003-04  D Mawson

2004-05  R Morrey

2005-06  N Thomas

2006-07  D Bohnenkamp

2007-08  M Edmonds

2008-09  S Woolf

2009-10  S Morrey

2010-11  P Weston

2011-12  W & J McLean

2012-13  M Shiells

2013-14  J Clarke

2014-15  M Clayton

2015-16  C Flint

2016-17  J Curnow

2017-18  C Harris

2018-19  N Kellett

2019-20  J Beaumont

2020-21  B Jones