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Batting Partnerships

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165 Dale Healy - Anthony Papalia Ashwood Cricket ClubLOC 8 - 35 overs (Carr Sheild)1 1 STC South Camberwell
260 Binara Dharmawardena - Apurva Shrivastava Ashwood Cricket ClubB Sunday3 1 Monash University
3145 Keyur Desai - Musashi Fujihara Ashwood Cricket ClubC South3 1 Power House
446 Noah Leipold - Kyle Loughnan Ashwood Cricket ClubLOC 9 - 35 Overs3 1 Monash
550 Brendan Jones - Ari Morton Ashwood Cricket ClubB Sunday2 1 Melbourne Ramblers
635 Anthony Edmonds - Nathan Fitzpatrick Ashwood Cricket ClubD Turf (Mair Shield)2 1 Glen Iris
635 Ari Morton - Shieng Tu Ashwood Cricket ClubB Sunday2 1 Melbourne Ramblers
730 Jordan D'Silva - David Gallacher Ashwood Cricket ClubA Turf (Sturgess Shield)2 1 Boronia
855 Cameron Healy - Joshua Irish Ashwood Cricket ClubD Turf (Mair Shield)4 1 La Trobe University
927 Daniel Curnow - Cameron Flint Ashwood Cricket ClubA Turf (Sturgess Shield)3 1 Mazenod OC

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